Condiments can transform any meal, whether it’s adding tomato sauce to a pie, mixing chutney into a marinade, splashing some chilli sauce into a soup or spreading a chunky jam onto a piece of toast with melted butter.

I have spent a lot of time in the condiment section at my local, BIG supermarkets. I find myself staring at the bland and generic options available and being left disappointed and uninspired.

I have made it my goal to personally seek out local, gourmet and boutique condiment makers all over Australia and bring them together in one location – the aim is to inspire people with yummy recipes using gourmet condiments made by small Australian businesses. I have visited berry farms, olive groves and everything in between and it has left me feeling full of happiness and proud to have such rich and inspiring options to enhance every meal.

I’m a big advocate of unadulterated, whole foods with no chemicals. This is why I get excited when I find a relish, chutney, jam, olive oil or sauce that is simply a bunch of natural, delicious ingredients thrown together and turned into a little jar of perfection.

We are so grateful to have met some incredible suppliers and are thrilled to open up another avenue for them to get their delicious products out there. Here at Condiment Queen, we only write about hand selected, tried and tested condiments. We hope you love them as much as we do.

How did I come to be “Condiment Queen”?

My husband and I have always enjoyed entertaining and putting on a feast for our friends and family. Something that has always been a mandatory part of these feasts are yummy gourmet condiments, either part of a recipe or served on the side. Even a simple burger would come with at least 3 condiments. After a while, my friends began referring to me as the “Condiment Queen” which always amused me as I thought it was perfectly normal, if not mandatory, to have so many condiments accompanying my meals.


Every time I visit a local farmers market, deli or gourmet grocer, I find myself high-tailing for the condiment section, reading the ingredients, the description and instantly wondering what I can put it ON or IN.

My husband and I both work in the corporate world so this venture is certainly exciting, refreshing and close to the heart. We believe that our passion and love of local, natural and gourmet foods will see it blossom.

We live in the beautiful Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick with our 2 gorgeous dogs. Despite their constant demand for attention, food and walks (along with the early morning wake-ups on weekends), we couldn’t imagine life without them. They’ve certainly been enjoying our road trips around Victoria, visiting markets and meeting suppliers.

We’re looking forward to having sharing our passion with you and hope it inspires you to shop local, using good quality and high welfare produce.

Condiment Queen logo Kindest Regards,