Fish tacos with Jerk sauce

Beer battered fish tacos with Jerk dressing

How bloody delightful are fish tacos!? I love them so much it makes me angry! They are such a crowd pleaser, especially if you serve them up for guests and they are fresh and relatively healthy (dependent on whether you fry or grill the fish of course!). Kids love them, husbands love them, even your fussy mum will love them.

Ingredients for the batter:

  • Fillets of flake, sliced to fish-taco-appropriate sizes
  • ¾ of a cup of self-raising flour
  • ¼ cup of plain flour (set a little bit aside for the fish)
  • A bottle of beer (some for the mixture and some for drinking while cooking)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Vegetable oil

The rest:

Ok, lets do this.


  1. Mix up your beer batter first. Add self-raising and plain flour to a bowl, slowly mix in the beer with a whisk until the mixture is a thick lava-like consistency – you want it to be nice and thick so it doesn’t slide off the fish when you start frying. Set the batter aside until you’re ready to start frying.
  2. Put the vegetable oil in a saucepan and turn on a medium heat so it starts to warm up. While that’s happening get a little bowl or mug and mix in a few tablespoons of Chilli Lime Mayonnaise with a tablespoon or two of the Jerk Mustard, add in a tiny bit of water and mix it up – this will be the yummy dressing to drizzle over the tacos when you serve them.
  3. Make your slaw – chop, shred or julienne the cabbage and carrots then chop up the coriander and mix it in. At this point, you can either mix the jerk-mayonnaise into the slaw or just save it to drizzle over the finished tacos.
  4. Make your guacamole – mush up the avocado with some lemon or lime and spices of your choosing, feel free to throw in some chilli or other herbs too!
  5. Time to fry up the fish! Coat the slices of fish in flour, and then slide them into the batter, gently lift them out and let some of the batter drip off the fish – now gently slide the fish into the hot oil. You should guide it in but be careful not to fry your own fingers (been there way too many times!). You want to avoid dropping the fish as it might splash you. Give it a good 5 minutes in the oil until it’s a nice golden brown, then remove from the oil and place on some paper towel. Repeat the process for as many pieces of fish you need to cook.
  6. Place your soft tacos on a board, individual plates or you can go for a ‘make-your-own’ style dinner (this is my favourite when entertaining!). Add the guacamole, slaw, fish and drizzle with that delightful Jerk/Mayonnaise dressing! If you sprinkle a few leaves of chopped coriander over the ingredients, it makes it look that little bit more spesh!


Now devour them in the messiest way possible! 2 tacos should satisfy one’s appetite nicely but it’s always good having the option to go back for a third…

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