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Different ways to re-use the modest glass jar

Maybe I’m the only one here but I always feel guilty for throwing out a perfectly good glass jar – granted, it’s going in the recycling bin but still, is there no better use for them?

Here are a few examples of how glass jars can be used around the house to achieve a pretty good look!

Rather than having vases that really serve just one purpose, why not use a glass jar instead? Below are a few examples of 2 different glass jars, doing a damn fine job at pretending to be vases. They’re even adding an ‘artsy flare’ – pretty good for something I could have chucked in the recycling!


A bigger jar forms the perfect use for a food container. It’ll make your lunch look so much better and get a bit of ‘lunch-envy’ from your colleagues. They’ll all be whispering “um, who’s the cool person with their salad in a jar?!”. To make Salad in a Jar, you are essentially adding all of the usual ingredients, in reverse order. The salad dressing goes in first, followed by some Fetta or Parmesan, then maybe some nuts and finally roasted pumpkin, kale, spinach etc. Tip it into a bowl when you’re ready to eat it and Voila! Salad.

Salad in jar

Another clever option is to make yourself some bircher muesli in a jar. Makes it easy to grab and run off to work, eat it on the go or just sit down at home, read the paper or your Facebook feed and chow down on some yummy, wholesome bircher muesli but feel and look super cool, cause you’re eating out of a jar.

Bircher Muesli in jar

Restaurants seemed to have cottoned on to this nifty idea. After sitting down at the hip hop happening Two Wrongs the other week, I was delighted to be served some popcorn, cooked in truffled butter inside a nice little jar. Added a lovely touch.

Popcorn in jar

A little tip to clean the labels off jars is to soak them in hot soapy water for 30 mins. Usually it will just peel straight off. If that doesn’t work, rub some Eucalyptus oil or Lemon essential oil into it, its potency will help the sticky label rub off easier.

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