Pulled pork sliders with BBQ rum sauce

Pulled Pork Sliders with Rum & BBQ Sauce

If you eat meat, chances are you love smashing a pulled pork slider. After all, you’re only human.

The BBQ sauce dribbles down your fingers, hands and eventually reaches your elbow – why? Well because we can’t put the damn thing down to wipe the sauce off your arm! This is what’s likely to happen when you follow the below steps and make one for yourself.

Note: Only attempt this recipe if you can make the time to really take good care of your pork. Cooking time will be around 5 to 6 hours but I promise that every second will be worth it. This recipe also requires overnight marinating.


Coffee rub

These measurements are loose, feel free to change it up the ratios a little.

  • 2 tablespoons of ground (preferably Turkish) coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of smoked paprika (add a bit more for extra smokiness)
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of fine Himalayan rock salt (fine sea salt will also be fine)
  • Olive oil

Feel free to add in a sprinkle of cumin, mustard powder, garlic powder or onion powder (or all of them).


  • 1 free range, high welfare pork shoulder (approx. 2kgs – 3kgs). If you live in Melbourne, I highly recommend Cannings.
  • Little Brixton’s Rum and BBQ sauce.

Sliders and slaw

Adjust quantity based on how many people you’re cooking for.

  • Granny smith apples
  • Fennel
  • Half a red cabbage
  • Whole egg mayo
  • Brioche sliders or rolls (Brioche is highly recommended because of its sweetness, standard bread rolls will be sufficient if you cannot get hold of Brioche)
  • For presentation, try to get some small bamboo sticks and mini cornichons to place on top of the burgers (see pictures).


  1. Mix all of the dry ingredients for the coffee rub in a bowl together.
  2. Using small handfuls, gently rub the mix over your pork shoulder. If you add a drizzle of olive oil over the pork first, the rub will stick better. Continue until every side of the shoulder is covered. Place in the fridge to marinate overnight.
    Coffee rub on pork shoulder
  3. The next day (when you’re ready to cook), place the pork shoulder on a cooking tray with a cup of water and a dribble of olive oil – the water will help keep the meat moist. Cover the meat in foil to protect it from drying out.
  4. Set the oven to around 145°C. You want to aim for a low and slow cook. This helps the meat break down and fall apart. Place your pork in the oven.
  5. Every 90 minutes (or thereabouts), remove the foil and baste the pork with the juices in the bottom of the tray. Keep doing this for 5-6 hours.
  6. When your pork is almost ready (you’ll know because it’s falling apart when you poke it), start the prep for the slaw. Finely slice the fennel, cabbage and apple into thin pieces (matchsticks are a good size to aim for).
  7. Throw the fennel, cabbage and apple into a bowl, add a sprinkle of salt and pepper and then a few large spoonfuls of whole egg mayonnaise. Mix it all around and set aside.
  8. Now it’s time to grab your succulent, roast pork shoulder out of the oven and turn it into pulled pork! Using 2 forks, graze the fork over the pork and pull off small strips of meat. Keep using the forks to break it up until all of the meat is off the bone.
    Shredding pulled pork
  9. Pour over your delicious Rum and BBQ sauce and mix it in. Add enough so the meat is moist and covered in sauce but not overpowered!
    Pouring BBQ Rum sauce over pulled pork
  10. Time to construct your burgers! Add a splash of chilli sauce and a sprinkle of parsley or coriander. Stab your bamboo stick with a pickle into it and chow down.
    Pulled pork sliders with pickles

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